To give your Magento site a leg up...


How will choosing Magento Partners for your e-commerce benefit your business?

Electronic commerce has the potential to replace or improve manual processes, bringing greater effectiveness and efficiency by removing the boundaries of geography and time allowing you a greater reach and breadth of customers.

The benefits are concrete and immediate

  • Reduced cost per transaction.
  • Increased accuracy. Fewer manual steps mean less chance of error.
  • Lower staffing requirements to transact a greater volume of orders. Free your staff to concentrate on revenue producing activity rather than unwieldy manual processing of orders.
  • Improved customer relationships. Greater accuracy, visibility and timeliness of fully-automated systems avoid customer dissatisfaction.
  • Generate greater customer loyalty. Your customers will appreciate the provision of timely and accurate product and ordering information in a way that reinforces the value of your joint business relationship.
  • Improved competitiveness.

Five keys for e-commerce

  • Robust, scalable software. Magento Partners B2B is developed from time-proven systems with years of development effort behind them.
  • A modular approach. Add functionality as you need it rather than having to re-engineer your entire process as the business grows.

  • User-focused. Magento Partners web interfaces put the site user first and foremost. Site usability is the cornerstone in migrating clients to transacting online.
  • Fully customisable look and feel. Give your web presence a definitive and recognisable look. Reinforce your brand rather than have it look like a generic template website.
  • End-to-end automation. Managing the entire business process within one system greatly enhances your ability to do more, more profitably.

Magento Partners will work along side you to provide a tailored solution that meets your e-commerce needs.

We offer the following key services

  • Development in Magento Community
  • Custom Magento Extensions
  • Mobile development
  • Magento Support
  • Training in Magento